Friday, October 21, 2016

Edwin Peraza - Week 5 HW

script/story beats under cut

Jack meets Daxter Script

Jack arrives at the mechanic’s shop which is basically a garage with vehicles that are being worked on. It's sticking out the side of a building with a landing pad that allows ships to land on it, the city can be scene in the distance. Jack upon arriving there see’s that the garage door is wide open. Jack walks up to the garage door and peeks his head in and see’s that the owner is nowhere to be found.

He enters the garage stealthly and picks up various mechanical items as he searches for valuable things to steel.
Jack ruffles through things in various places as the camera but then He drops one and makes a loud noise. He freezes and then turns his head.
He hears noises come out of the back room, so jack hides behind a vehicle.

Daxter the shop owner comes out quickly to inspect what the noise was. Then it cuts to his face and Daxter has an alert facial expression

Cuts to jack looking at daxter from behind a vehicle
Cuts to jack's face of worried

Then cuts to jack trying to sneak out of the garage

cuts to Daxter noticing him leaving

Cuts to daxter lunging at jack in front of his shop

Daxter is on top of jack's chest grabbing at his neck

Daxter: what do you think you're doing in here!
Daxter continues to ramble and scream at him as he tries to strangle jack.

Lead Gang member: Hey Daxter where’s my cash huh?

Jack and Daxter look over as there still grabbing each other's necks.

Cuts to the 3 gang members in their ship landing, and then exiting. They walk over to jack and Daxter and push Jack to the ground.

Lead gang member: “step aside, we got business.”

Cuts to jack on the ground, then he looks up. Jack gets up and this is where it would cut to game play where you must fight off these gang members.

Once you finish fighting them, Jack stands over them but then he turns his head and see’s a lot more of them arrive in front of the shop, so you grab daxter and head back into his shop.
Jack and daxter then get on one daxter's luxury racers and you fly off.

This is where the Game play would starts and you escape the gang reinforcements by losing them in the city. Once you lose them it cuts to jack and daxter landing their ship in a random spot in the city

Cuts to jack and daxter at the end of the escape back at dexter's garage with jack having a satisfied smirk on his face. Then he gets hit by a mechanical item. Jack turns around.

Cuts to Daxter holding more things. Then cuts to his face.

Daxter: “you idiot, why did you have to fight them, now they’al  never leave me alone!” Not to mention their now gonna tell their boss and they're gonna come back and kill me.” Now I have to leave this city……………. thanks alot”.

Daxter then shrugs with a sad face and just stands there exhausted from the chase.

Cuts to jack thinking then he gets an idea. Grabs Daxter arm and pulls him over. While holding Daxter, Jack turns his face to a huge screen on one of the distant skyscrapers

Cuts to the video playing on the screen and it shows Erol the soon to be villain presenting the great race and the great treasure you get from winning the race. In the ad it shows the erol racing in previous races and The great fortune you get from winning.

Cuts to Daxter's confused face.

Jack then points to the vehicles in daxter's shop

Jack: if you can build me one of those racing vehicles then we can win that race.

Cuts to daxter contemplating the idea

Cuts to jack: “come on you see how easily we got away from those thugs We can win this race!”

Cuts to daxter’s face contemplating the idea again, and then he breaks

Daxter: “fine! you got a deal, it's not like I can stay in this city anymore anyways.”

Daxter then walks away back into the shop as jack stands outside looking at the city.

Then fade out.

 Story beats
1.    Fade in Jack arrives at the mechanic’s shop
2.    Jack looks at the shop
3.    Jack peaks his head in
4.    Jack sneaks in the shop
5.    Jack goes looks through the items in the shop
6.    Jack drops an item and makes a loud noise
7.    Jack hides behind a vehicle
8.    Daxter comes out to investigate
9.    Jack tries to sneak out
10.    Daxter attacks him outside of the shop
11.    Gang members enter
12.    Fighting breaks out among them
13.    More gang members come
14.    Jack and Daxter get in a vehicle and leave
15.    Chase sequence in the city
16.    Jack and Daxter loose the thugs
17.    Jack and Daxter get back to the shop
18.    Jack convinces Daxter to join him in trying to win the race
19.    Jack Stares at the city, Fade out.

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