Friday, October 21, 2016

Jongmin Seo - Week 5 HW

script/story beats under cut

Monster Attacks Young Hero’s Village


EXT. Lake and mountain.
- Quiet and clean lake with peaceful weather.

Young monkey - The main character of this story. He is a protagonist and name is Kong. He is efishing at lake, sitting down at wooden board with his talking lizard pet, named Green.

Yeah I told you, Green. Mom is always against at me when I ask about going out of this place. Maybe she doesnt want me to become like my dad.

Kong is complaining of his situation to his pet, Green. One jar behind him is filled wiht bunh of fishes.

Kong you are just 10 years old. Mom is worrying about you. Because she knows that the world is being more dangerous for monsters.

Hand size of green lizzard is sitting right next to him. He and Kong seem like they know each other for a while.

Yeah I know, But think about my dad! He is a hero and beat every monsters in the world.Thats what I want to be! It would be awesome if i could be like my dad!
But, right now, I have to go to home with this fish jar.. Lets move.

Green gets on Kong’s shoulder. Kong wakes up and goes back with all fishes he got.

 Some dark shadow figure is watching them from top. it only shows silhouette, and covered by bushes. Later, it moves to where Kong headed for.

Kong is carrying the fish jar on the shoulder and heading back to his home walking by small road, and keeps talking about being a hero.
Yeah, so what great thing about hero is, the hero never…

Kong stops talking and looks over the one mountain, his home and village are located over that mountain. They see smoke.

What is going on there? Thats where my home is.

I dont know. Lets go right now and check what’s going on..

They both are running towards to home.
The get arrived, and see every houses are burning and people are dead and keel over on the street.

(Shocked and horrified)
Mom. Where is mom. We gotta find her.

(point out)
Kong look at that.

Kong turned his head and sees One giant monster. Monster looks at him too

(Growling and smiling)
Still someone is alive here? Whatever.
Monster walks toward him slowly

Ah.. Ah.. Mom
His legs gave out and he collapsed. He recoils in horror from the monster
At that moment, someone throws the stone to the monster to attract his intention. The monster turns his head to where its from. One lady monkey, Kong’s mom is standing there. She is grabbing her right arm, and she is bleeding her head.

Kong’s Mom

(Horrifying and almost crying)
But Mom…!

Kong’s mom
Run Kong! Right now!!
The monster walks to her and Kong wakes up and runs away from them. He looks back and His mom’s silhouette is collapsed by being attacked. Kong keeps running away, leaving behind of burning village.

Story Beats
1. Young monkey is fishing on the lake surrounded by mountain.

2. The young monkey,Kong, is complaning about his situation that he cant go outside of his village.

3. His pet, talking lizzard,name is Green, tells him that he is too young and his mom worries about that.

5. He complains about that and wants to become a hero like his dad.

6. One suspicious object is watching them from somewhere around of bushes, and it dissappears.

7. Kong and Green keeps talking about hero thing going back to home.

8. He witnesses smokes comes out of his village.

9. He sees the monster is attacking the village.

10.Monster finds them and approaches to them.

11. Kong's mom sacrifices herself to protect Kong.

12 Kong runs away from there.

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