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Leah Jackson - Week 5 HW

 script/story beats under cut

Script - Psyche meets Demeter, battles her, and gains a token for the Underworld

After completing puzzles through Demeter’s temple, Psyche reaches the main doors that
open to the main battle room. (The door is covered in dead vines masking the underlying
golden etched hieroglyphics describing the goddess of agriculture)
Psyche enters the room slowly and looks around seeing giant columns covered in more
dead plants and vines covering the cold stone floor making it difficult to walk through
She sees the main platform, surrounded by tall columns in a circular set up with light
peeking through large vines covering the openings that let in light to the room. (rays of
light at random peeking through foliage)
The door slams behind Psyche and she quickly turns to see and immediately preps for
battle (Shield and sword in hand)
An angry voice comes from behind a mass of dead vines hidden in the dark behind the
main platform.
Psyche isn’t given a chance to respond and is immediately attacked by one of the vines
attached to one of the columns
She dodges catches her breathe from the surprise attack (shocked/ scared face)
She immediately gets into fighting stance (Serious face) (Game play commences)
The voice is revealed as a large humanoid plant monster with vine tentacles, she is
pulling herself on to the platform using the columns
The monster roars and we see an up-close of her face
The camera pans out to show the circular battlefield
Another vine shoots out from her body aiming for Psyche
Psyche ducks and slices the vine with her sword
The monster groans in pain
The monster rages and climbs up higher in the columns
Demeter starts to use her range attack of enlarged thorns
Leah Jackson GA214
Psyche rolls over and dodges the first set
She realizes she will not have enough time to roll away from the second set and deflects
it with her shield
The thorns travel and pierce the monster
She groans in pain again and climbs back down to the back left corner of the platform
(Psyche is now facing)
Demeter launches another vine tentacle at Psyche, this time knocking her to the ground
Demeter hysterically laughs out of Psyches misfortune (Distracted looking away)
Psyche rolls over on all fours, grabs her sword, and plunges it down onto the vine
Demeter hollering in pain pulls her tentacle and it is split open from ripping away from
the sword.
Demeter holds the split vine above her to observe the damage (like checking her arm) and
watches it crumble
While Demeter was distracted by the tentacle Psyche rushed up to the platform, slides
across and under a tentacle attached to a column above her head, and slices it
Groaning in pain the monster falls completely to the platform and exposes her back
(Glowing with weird dark essence incased in a spherical vine casing that is part of her
Psyche sees this and recognizes it to be the monsters weakness (what it would take to
defeat her)
Demeter side swoops a vine and knocks Psyche against a column
Psyche tries to recover from the hit and sees Demeter prepping to launch more thorns at
She rolls over and begins to run around the monster
Another vine swoops trying to knock her legs so she trips
Psyche jumps over this vine
She then launches onto the monsters back with her sword pointed down with both hands
holding on
Leah Jackson GA214
Psyche pierces the dark essence and defeats Demeter (Game play ends and Cinematic
Demeter shrinks and the dead plants crumble off of her
Demeter’s normal form is revealed
She is in the middle of the platform and begins to sob on the floor
Demeter: “What more must be taken away from me?!”
Psyche gains sympathy for the woman and approaches her with caution
Psyche: “I am not here to take away from you but to ask you of advice, you see my lover
Eros was taken from me. I need to figure out how to make him reappear. Pan sent me to
you to find out more information”
Demeter raises her head from the floor, a close up of her face in distress
Demeter: “You must appease his mother, Aphrodite, for it is her who took your lover
from you. I too know the pain of having a loved one taken from you.”
Psyche reaches her hand to help Demeter up
Demeter, confused by her kindness still takes her hand and pushes upward
Demeter: “Hades has taken my daughter from me to live with him as queen of the
underworld by force. I am to never see her again. This is why I refuse to let anything
harvest and grow. I will not give life to the land if Zues does not bring back my sweet
Psyche: “Since you gave me direction in where I must go to find my Eros, I am willing to
return the favor and find your Persephone.”
Demeter’s worried facial muscles relax
Demeter: Take this token; I have a feeling Aphrodite will send you to the underworld for
a task. You will need this token to travel with the ferryman through the gates of the
Underworld; there you will find my daughter. Deliver this to her.”
Demeter passes the token into Psyche’s hands and hold the outside of them closing the
token in Psyche’s hands, she conjures up a scroll case with a letter to Persephone sealed
Psyche takes the floating scroll case and gives Demeter her word (hand on heart)
Leah Jackson GA214
Demeter smiles and conjures up a seat made out of lively looking vines and takes a seat
Demeter: “Thank you for your kindness, I wish you luck on finding young Eros

Story Beats
Psyche meets Demeter, battles her, and gains a token for the Underworld
1) Psyche enters Demeter’s battle room
2) The doors slam behind Psyche
3) A vine shoots off a column aiming for Psyche
4) Demeter is revealed (monster form)
5) Another vine shoots out and Psyche slices it
6) Demeter shoots her thorns
7) Psyche rolls over and dodges
8) Psyche blocks the second set and deflects them at the monster
9) Demeter knocks Psyche to the ground with a tentacle
10) Demeter is distracted with her own laughter
11) Psyche pierces her vine tentacle
12) Demeter is distracted by the pain
13) Psyche cuts another tentacle
14) Demeter loses support of the columns and falls to the center of the platform
exposing her back
15) Demeter side swoops Psyche against a column
16) Psyche gets up and jumps over another vine
17) Psyche jumps and pierces Demeter’s back and defeats her
18) Demeter returns to normal form
19) Psyche asks Demeter for help on finding Eros
20) Demeter gives her advice
21) Demeter rewards to Psyche a token and a scroll case to deliver for her daughter
22) Demeter thanks Psyche for her kindness

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