Friday, October 21, 2016

Mercedes Smith - Week 5 HW

On the way throught the mossy woods. The moose with long legs is walking down a trail
with a young girl on her back. The sun is setting.
It is getting misty and the distance is showing this. The girl looks up
“whats that ? “
She looks to some figuring s in the trees.
"They are the elves. But be careful of them. They seem sweet and
friendly, but never trust them. Remember what I tell you: don't speak
to them, but hold tight on my horns and pretend you don't notice
The princess nods.
“ Yes, I promise I will not”
The elves in the forest notice their presence. And quickly surround
them asking hundreds of questions. The tiny elves in their with white
field are spinning around the two .
They tug at her dress and hair.
The moose begins to runs.
The princesses crown begins to slip off her head. She panics and yells
at the elves. letting go of the moose with one hand and grabbing the
crown. to hold it on her head.
At the moment the elves take partial control of her. Laughing the pluck
the crown from her head. Laughing and taking it away.
The elves laughing take the crown away over the swamp.
“ Oh my crown, my crown” Moans the princess
“ Why didn’t you listen to me ? “ The moose asks
He continues walking The girl is cradling her head in her hands visibly
“ You have only yourself to blame. Probably you will never get your
golden crown back, but your lucky it was not worse.” The moose says.
The princess is in emotional distress, she weeps over losing her crown.

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