Friday, October 21, 2016

Richard Peraza - Week 5 HW

script/story beats under cut
Mr.Bird help Rose escape from her prison scene
On this scene starts with a establishing shot of the lab and somewhere in the lab show a lonely young woman in a distance.  The young women is the hero of the story name Rose and right now she is in the middle of working on an experiment with a plant.  Rose is carefully adding some chemicals in her plant until suddenly the facility emergency alarm loudly went on causing her to lose concentration and accidently applying the whole vale of chemicals into the plant. 

Rose: *gasp* wahhh

She stressfully stood up as she watches her experiment fail as it shrivel up and ended in ashes.

Rose:  *annoying* Great, just perfect

Rose walked up to the intercom by the wall, push hold a button, and angrily spoke to control
about the situation.

Rose: What the hell is going on?

 There was no response.  Stepping away from the intercom, she curiously went up to the window to find a clue about the event.  There are armed enforcers, carrying heavy weapons and gear as they are running through the halls. 

Rose: *questioning herself.* Are we being under attack?

Moment later she heard a familiar voice coming from the intercom, calling out her name. 

Mystery person: Hello, Rose are you there?

Rose exciting ran to the intercom and push the button to reply.

Rose: Mr. Bird is that you?

In sound of relief, Mr. Bird reply,

Mr.Bird:  Rose, thank goodness you are alright, look I don’t have much time to explain but right now I need to get you out of the lab and I need you to reach to the elevator.  From there I’m going to guide you…*interrupted*

Rose anxiously interrupted and questioning

Rose:  Wait what is going, why are the security running down the hallway.

Mr.Bird: *yell* Rose Listen! *rushing* look you daughter has escape! 

Rose: *gasp* Thumbelina!?

Bird: Yes Thumbelina and right now she is tearing up the place and killing anyone she sees and you’re the only one who can save her.  I’ll leave the door unlocked so you can escape and head to the elevator.  You need to go to the bottom facility, from there I’ll continue to guide you to your daughter. 

Rose: Bird but…*interrupted

Bird:  I gotta go before the security come to get me.  I’ll find some other way to communicate with you in a little.  Good luck my old friend.

Intercom went quite.  Rose put down her hand away from the intercom and place her hand on the wall, her face facing head downward, worrying about her daughter.  After a few moments, Rose began to regain her focus and look around the room for something that can be use as a weapon.  She spotted a toolbox under the sink and pull out a big rusted wrench.  Rose walk out to the door while confidently holding her wrench.

Rose: *Speaking to herself* I’m coming for you my little flower.

Scene End

Story Beats
1. Young women working on her plant experiment
2. Rose adding some chemical on her plant
3. The facility alarm went on
4. Rose accidently ruin her experiment
5. Rose stood up as she looks are her failed experiment
6. Rose walk up to the intercom and tried to contact somebody
7. Rose walk up to the window and sees armed enforcers running by
8. Rose heard a familiar voice calling her name from the intercom
9.  Mr. Bird is giving Rose information guide on reaching Rose Daughter
10. Rose regain her focus
11. Rose looks for weapon
12. Rose leave the door, ready in search for her daughter

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