Friday, October 21, 2016

Sebastian Kings - Week 5 HW

script/story beats under cut
The weather is stormy - there is driving rain and occasional lightning.

BOY - Our protagonist. He is aboard the Tortoise with his FATHER, and they are in a patch of rough weather. BOY’s left hand is bandaged from a light wound sustained when getting the engine started at the beginning of the race.

(Yelling from cabin)
Come down here!

BOY was on the forecastle with a spyglass, but jumps down the hatch where his FATHER is working the bilge pump.


There’s a plank loose on the right side - see if you can nail it down!

BOY nods and grabs a hammer and case of nails from the toolbox in the cabin. He sloshes through the several inches of water on the floor to get back to the leak, where he starts nailing it closed.

 Blood from his bandaged hand drips into the water, and it gets sucked through the leak when the boat lurches over a wave. He still manages to seal the hole.

I think I got it!

Good! Come back up here and steer us left - we’re drifting!

From an underwater perspective, we can see the Tortoise, and an exaggerated representation of the blood in the water. An ominous silhouette swims past the frame.

We cut back to the cabin of the Tortoise. The BOY is at the wheel, and his FATHER is behind him adding fuel to the burner.

A loud crash is heard, and the Tortoise is jostled sharply. BOY loses his balance and falls over, and the ship’s wheel spins wildly. FATHER is knocked off his feet, dropping his shovel and coals. All manner of equipment and tools fly from the bulkheads.

What was that?

FATHER looks out a porthole just in time to see a dorsal fin cut through the water.
Get the gun.

BOY goes to the back and takes a harpoon gun from its spot on the rear bulkhead.

The gun is a pneumatically powered harpoon launcher, using metallic pre-charged spheres of compressed air. These spheres must be changed out after every shot. The gun fires broadhead harpoons that are several feet long.

Another fierce crash rattles the Tortoise. FATHER takes the gun and prepares it for firing with a metallic clang and short hiss. He climbs through the top hatch to the forecastle followed by the BOY, with spare harpoons and air canisters.

As he’s climbing up the ladder, the BOY looks up and notices the storm has intensified.

Squinting to see through the rain, our heroes see a dorsal fin break the surface of the water, followed by the gnarled and fearsome head of a shark-whale. A bolt of lightning starkly illuminates the scene.

FATHER fires the harpoon, which sticks in the shark’s back like a pincushion. The shark dives.

That’ll show him…
As he’s reloading, the shark comes up from below and smacks the Tortoise again. FATHER loses his balance and falls overboard, but has managed to hold onto the bulwark.

The harpoon gun slides down the deck, and the empty canister falls over the side.
I’ll be right there!

The BOY rushes to start pulling FATHER back onto the deck. His FATHER takes a quick look behind him and sees the dorsal fin of the shark coming around for another pass.

Stop! The gun! Shoot it - right between the eyes!

BOY looks up and sees the shark approaching. He rushes for the harpoon gun, and hastily makes it ready to fire.

He looks through the ladder sights and aims. He fires the harpoon, and the shark breaks off and dives.

Did I get it?

He looks briefly to see any sign of the shark, before slinging the gun over his shoulder and going back to help his FATHER. The storm is now incredibly fierce.

I think you got him!

I think so! Here, let me help you…

A huge wave slams against the Tortoise, and FATHER loses his hold on the ship - he is washed clear overboard.


The BOY grabs a toroidal life preserver from the side of the ship and throws it to his FATHER. He grabs hold of it.
I’ll bring the boat around! I’ll pick you up!

The storm is now extremely violent. The rain is almost horizontal.

It’s no use! Finish the race!

The BOY climbs back into the cabin and tries to turn the Tortoise around. The heavy waves and strong winds make it impossible to maneuver. FATHER drifts further from the Tortoise.

The BOY opens up the top hatch and takes a last look for FATHER. He is nowhere to be seen.

We see a wide shot of the Tortoise turning back to finish the race. As it pans out, we see the carcass of the dead shark-whale.

Story Beats
Establishing shot of Amaya working on the bridge.

We see Graham approach the bridge and cross it.

Amaya is working on the bridge.

Graham crosses the bridge steps down.

Amaya greets Graham.

Amaya explains that she is going to stop working on the bridges.

Extreme wide shot showing all the broken down bridges, for when Amaya says “all those bridges”

Shot of Graham when he asks what a crumbler is.

She also shows off her tool cart.

Amaya explains why she’s leaving the town.

Graham reacts, and explains his doubts about Daventry.

Amaya packs up her cart and leaves

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