Friday, October 21, 2016

Sophia Yacoby - Week 5 HW

script/story beats under cut

Sonic Meets the Fairy
Fade in:
Cutscene: Green Hill Zone - Day
Sonic is seen running after Eggman with Tails in his Egg Mobile. A mysterious fairy gets knocked down into the bushes by Eggman. Eggman laughs evilly, much to Sonic’s anger. Eggman flies off into the sky with Tails. Shortly after Sonic is enraged by Tails being kidnapped, Sonic is confused and doesn’t know what to do. Suddenly, he sees a shimmering light glowing deep within the forest. He wonders what is going on deep inside the bush the fairy was hiding in. He sees the fairy, but her wing is broken. Sonic picks her up and straightens her wing, fixing it.

Fairy (Text Only)
“Thanks for helping me! My wing broke when that terrible mustached man flew right out of the forest, and I couldn’t fly anymore.
Wait, you were after him?
Oh, I see. He had your two-tailed fox friend, didn’t he? Is that who that was?
Hey, no worries. How ‘bout I tag along for the time being, huh?”

Sonic nods his head and agrees.
Fairy (Text Only)
Alrighty, then!
“Wait! Hold it! We gotta make sure you’re really ready for this. How ‘bout I start you off with a tutorial?”
If player answers No:
Fairy (Text Only)
“Well, then. If you’re ready, then let’s go!”

Sonic and the fairy run off into the forest.

Fade out.

If player answers Yes:
Fairy (Text Only)
“Alrighty, then! Let’s get started!”

Screen fades out and into the tutorial act.

Sonic and Tails - Sonic Meeting the Fairy Storybeats
1.    Est Shot: Green Hill Zone - Day / Setting up the location.
2.    Sonic is enraged (Paint the picture, maybe Sonic is looking at an old picture of Tails?)
3.    He’s very upset and confused...maybe he’s looking around? Maybe he’s not sure where Tails is?
4.    He see’s a shimmering light, glowing deep within the forest.
5.    He wanders deeper into the forest.
6.    See’s a bush fairy (Show that the fairy is hiding from him?
7.    Continue with the storybeats...before you draw everything!!!
8.    Sonic is confused, doesn’t know what to do
9.    Sonic hears a noise in the bushes
10.    Sonic looks around in the forest
11.    Sonic finds the fairy
12.    Sonic fixes her wing
13.    Fairy thanks Sonic for helping her, she finds out that Sonic was after Eggman because he kidnapped Tails
14.    Fairy asks if she could follow Sonic on the adventure
15.    Fairy offers Sonic a tutorial stage (optional)
16.    If player answers No, Sonic and the fairy run off into the forest
17.    If player answers Yes, the fairy gives Sonic the tutorial stage

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