Monday, November 28, 2016

Ashley Rusli - Week 8 HW

    Different people have different thoughts about the industry, but most conform to a single idea of how it’s going to go down. I find it odd that despite being categorized as the entertainment/art industry all students are whipped to become the same thing: to become a single worker in a large company who demands you to do work that you don’t want to do. That sounds suffocating. Not only are your chances abysmal because of “there is always someone who is better than you, works for cheaper than you, and more readily available” I am doomed anyway because getting a job as an international student is a very literal lottery. I am shamed for my lack of motivation and student-esque diligence.
    My dream job seeks the complete opposite, I am not that desperate to be squeezed into a sweat factory where my talents mean little and can be easily replaced by another. I wish to be able to create my own game and everything that is within it. I want to have complete control over the gameplay the morals, the atmosphere and the music: I want to be able to complete the entirety of it from start to finish by myself. Ideally I will work on this by myself along with a few other friends who may have the same passion, and I will have a side-job of freelance commissions online. Perhaps even bring it home to Indonesia where the game industry is just developing, then I will have all the cards in my hand in order to start my own company as I am not just an artist that can do only one thing. This is the most likely possibility and I’m tired of being looked at like a piggy bank in the eyes of the US anyway.
    On a lighter note, my passions revolve around the designing, conception, gameplay and the UI elements of a game. I thoroughly enjoy spending an entire day researching to design characters, clothes, the atmosphere of the game and thorough immersion in creating the lore of a universe. I feel that UI design is extremely important due to the fact that it represents our senses in-game. We cannot feel the same senses such as touch and heat inside a game, or the atmosphere in which we view the environment, but a UI will guide you on the right path. If I am stuck here to be a single laborer in the industry, I would like to be a UI artist or character designer.

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