Monday, November 28, 2016

Andrew Fichthorn - Week 8 HW

Dream Job
    My Dream job would be either as an environmental artist on the modeling side, and or in the level editor. I enjoy modeling individual props, but even more than that I enjoy creating sets of props to use to flesh out an environment in a map/level. My favorite thing to do in games is to kill everyone off so I can just explore the environment and pick it apart. I would especially love to work on multiplayer level design for a fps. My dream job would be to work at valve on counter strike maps, but in reality most of the maps nowadays for CSGO are made by the community and then chosen by valve employes instead of just made by valve.

Why i don't plan on going indie
Oversaturation 103 games (includes dlc) came out on steam this month
Fifty-seven percent of indie game developers (including both solo indies and members of indie teams across all pay ranges) made under $500 in game sales. On the other end of the spectrum, 2 percent made over $200,000 in game sales.

Why we have paid dlc and crates that you have to spend money on to get keys t.
AAA Games since 2005 have cost 60$
To sell the game now and make the equivelent of 60$ (inflation) it would have to cost $74.17

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