Monday, November 28, 2016

Edwin Peraza - Week 8 HW

My dream job in the game industry or film industry would be something in the realm of 3d Artist and Animator and concept artist because I love the whole pipeline from world creation to modeling to animation, but if it came down to one job I think I would go with the 3d Modeler job just because I seem to have the most knowledge and fun in doing 3d. I know that in terms of modeling there are character artists and environment artists. I’ve had a little experience in environment creation but until I’ve got some experience with character modeling I don’t think I can choose which specific field to go into. Same goes for concept design I’m still a beginner when it comes to digital painting but I do love to draw so until I’ve gotten better in that I don’t think I can fully commit to one dream job as of yet. Honestly the thing that I love the most is world creation, so essentially making the landscapes, the cities, the characters and especially the vehicles that live and fill that world. When I see cinematics for games/movies or when I see a magnificent world when I play through a game that is what gets me excited and that's the kind of stuff I would love to work on. Whether it be me making the designs or me creating the models and animating them from another concept artists designs. So If there's a dream job that involves world creation either as a concept artist or 3d environment artist I think those would be perfect dream jobs that I have been seeking.

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