Monday, November 28, 2016

Jongmin Seo - Week 8 HW

I am interested in many filed in game industry : 3d modeling, visual Effects, storyboard, Etc. 3d modeling is the most intense thing that I can learn from this school, this is the skill what people in game industry are looking for the most recently. And visual effects are the fastest way of getting a job in the gaming industry,too. So I am interested in. After this class, I got interested and passion for making a story, so I personally wish to work related to story-making field in entertainment industry.
However, the most interesting field for me is VR and starting a business with that with my art skill. My background is basically from business. My parents are business people. My brother does account job in company. My cousins are running business, too, and I studied business major before transferring here. I want to make a team and game with them in VR. I see a lot of possibilities with that. Big game companies todays are looking for people who have specific skill in specific field. But I would like to do business and art in small team first, and I want to make that team bigger together. It is more like becoming a producer. In order to achieve this. I will go to conference and try team projects with people from different field as many as I can and will gather some information and connection from there.
P. S. Special thanks to Ira Owen. I appreciate you a lot for helping me to take a first step for my carrier.

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