Monday, November 28, 2016

Leah Jackson - Week 8 HW

    Through out my stay here at LCAD I’ve come to realze more and more that my career goals line up mostly around the Gaming Industry. This is why I switched my major from Illustration to Game Art. I kept realizing that everytime I talked about future dream jobs I would always mention illustration highly rendered digital paintings for game companys. Last year I was looking into applying for the Riot Illustrator Interen team but decided not to because I felt ill prepared. Switching my major is going to cause a year delay on graduation but this does not upset me. It just means I am going to be overly prepared and get the exact education I need to be a strong contender to video game companys. I am keeping my options open as to which positions I would take working for a company but they mostly revolve around doing high rendereings of things such as texture painting, or concept art, or really finished and dynamic digital splash art. I still have yet to take more 3D classes and I am really hoping to enjoy that as well. I want to be well rounded and find multiple things to enjoy about Game Art to expand my options. It would be really awesome to work for a company whose game I love or have played a lot. Companys like this would include Blizzard (World of War Craft), Riot Games (League of Legends), the company that created Dungeons and Dragons and do illustrations of creatures or props for their books, and more. It would be really cool to gain expereience from a well known and popular company and have really cool things to put in my resume. After I am hopefully well established and stable financially I might want to move on to smaller indie companys or even try to partner up with someone who knows how to code for games and I can work on all the art. I hope to achieve some of these goals and make a successful career out of what I am spending so much time and money to learn here. So hopefully, that actually happens.

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