Monday, November 28, 2016

Melissa Peterman - Week 8 HW

My dream job as a game artist would to be to able to create 2D style games that contain an overall compelling story, character design, and have mechanics that are strategy based. I would like to make games with or without the help of a company backing me. In terms of style and design, I do not want to work on realistic designs like the games: the Fallout Series, the Call of Duty Series, the Dragon Age Series, etc. Instead, I would like to use cartoonish/anime designs such as the Pokemon Series, the Nippon Ichi games, and the Digimon Series. The cutesier the style/design, the happier I am.
I do not really have a specific field in the Gaming Industry that I solely want to work on. More so, I would like to work in multiple fields like story, concept, design, and even UI and animation (I would only accept modeling if it was stylized and not realistic.) The reason why I want to learn multiple fields is so I have the knowledge to, in the end, be the director of my own games without the need of major assistance of others. If I had to choose a specify field, it would be either story or concept, because I would have the most amount of creative freedom.
Above all else, I want to earn money in a respectable manner that will help reestablish trust between the customer and the producer. I would not condone underhanded tactics to earn more money from a game such as cutting up sections of the game to later sell it as DLC, paying for cosmetics, paying to make the game easier, preorder bonuses, and most importantly, selling a
game that clearing was not ready to be released. As a costumer myself, I know how frustrating it is when such tactics are used and abused; that is why I want to learn a bit of everything when it comes to making games. If I cannot find a company that does not use crooked practices, I will be able to do it on my own or with a small group.

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