Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mercedes Smith - Week 11 HW


Starting out in a colorful environment with an innocent child

Leaving into the dark woods, exploring the lack of innocence in nature

Meeting the Fairies and having her crown stolen

Sleeping with moose at the opening in the forest

Continuing the “adventure” finding more interesting and curious things, creatures etc

becoming ridiculous and rebellious and taking off her dress to ride naked in the wind and


Finding the witch and having her dress stolen

Crying, loss of innocence, a darker atmosphere a sense of hopelessness.

The creatures and things experienced after this point are darker and less enjoyable.

They sleep under the stars and the moose tries and protects her and quickly panics not

feeling like he can

The moose runs with her to a safe place

They arrive at the pond

THE princess becomes enamored with it and once again ignores the moose warning

she leans over the pond and her golden locket falls over her head and into the water

she is desperate and distressed and continues looking even after the moose warns her

not to

She forgets who the moose is

the moose leaves her

the moose returns months later to her still over the pond, turned into a flower forever

looking over

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