Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Richard Peraza - Week 11 HW

Story Synapse

One day Rose was given a seed by a mysterious old lady which grew into a humanoid child with plant like features.  Rose adopted the child as her daughter and named her Thumbelina. They live their lives in peace, until one day they were kidnapped by the Meta Toad corporation.  For years Rose and Thumbelina are trapped within the research facility until one foolish scientist release Thumbelina from her cage where she brought destruction to all in name of revenge.  Now that Thumbelina is free from her prison, it is up to Rose to save her daughter from her destruction.   

Act 1: Rose adopted Thumbelina

Act 2: Thumbelina escape from her prison

Act 3: Rose final boss fight against Thumbelina or rescuing Thumbelina after defeating her.

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