Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Andrea Riggio - Week 1 HW

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Sleeping Dragon
My first idea for a game is Sleeping Beauty meets FarCry Blood Dragon. You play as the prince and in order to save your princess, you must traverse the lair of the Blood Dragons on your mechanized steed, fighting your way through the lair of laser-eyed beasts and destroying their eggs before disrupting the final boss, Maleficent, who has stolen Sleeping Beauty. I want to incorporate the art style of Hotline Miami as well as FarCry Blood Dragon. This would be a 2D side-scrolling platform game in a pixel style similar to the cutscenes in Hotline Miami. I would reference the Blood dragon designs of being large, neon designed lizards and incorporate that theme onto Maleficent.

Since you play as the “prince”, you will be similar to the cyber commando in FarCry, able to scope out enemies and collectables. You will be able to collect cyber hearts, which are from the FarCry game, as well as basic upgrades for your gear and weapons. Cyber hearts act as a lure for blood dragons in FarCry, so I want to play off this concept a bit by making the player restore health by physically taking out your heart and exchanging it with a new one. While you do this though, it attracts every enemy in the immediate area. I want this to have different styles though, so you can either go balls-to-the-wall-slaughter-machine, which would require you to restore your health more, attracting everything and making the gameplay like a horde game like Killing Floor. If you choose to play safer and use the cyber hearts sparingly, you can mostly sneak around and do stealth.

For a boss battle, I would have Maleficent transform into her dragon form that’s redesigned to fit the blood dragon theme. It would be a normal battle, but when she is low on health, she would run at you and destroy everything in her path, running you back to the front of the lair, which is covered by thick thorns or Electric Spikes, to better fit the theme. From here, you would trap her and finish her off. You take the key from her neck and find Sleeping Beauty in a room that wasn’t accessible before. You save the girl, then burn the lair of dragons.
I wanted to have the story of Spirited Away but if Bayonetta’s character was in Chihiro’s place. A game where you basically play as Bayonetta, fighting through waves of demons who are trying to keep you in the spirit world. You need to find Jeanne who has eaten the food of the underworld and must be saved. Each monster you come across has different attributes, that you can either take or discard, in order to help you progress. I would redesign Chihiro to fit a Bayonetta vibe. In place of her parents, I would use a character like Luka, someone close to Bayonetta, who will be taken hostage by the demons, or Lumen Sages, and transformed into a hideous, powerless monster. Since Bayonetta wouldn’t be the type of person to let some old demon take her name in order to become a slave, I thought it would be better to have her fight her way through the world of Spirited Away in order to find Luka. Every monster in this world would be hostile towards you, wanting to kill you so they can have a higher status in the eyes of Yubaba, who would be the end boss.

Later in the game, you come across an injured man who you decide to help. He represents the River God and a mix of Haku. He becomes your ally since he is a god and has no affiliation with the lesser demons. He gives you a medicinal pack, or some kind of item that can revert your friend back to normal, cleansing them of any curses. You would go to your first boss battle with No-Face, who is the embodiment of greed. He has seen you taking the best attributes of all the monsters you face and now he wants it for himself. After you defeat him, he becomes weak and uses the rest of his power to transform into a rat, your companion for the rest of the game, who can be used as a spy. You meet Yubaba again (but it’s actually her twin sister) who gives you the choice of leaving yourself in this world in order to save Luka. After seeing your act of heroism, she decides to tell you where to find Yubaba, who transforms into a giant Raven-like monster, and comes back in the end to help you finish her off.

I want the art direction to be like Dark Souls for the monsters, and like Dishonored for the Gameplay and overall art. Then, have all of that influence the world of Spirited Away, as if it had a filter on it to make it a lot darker.

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