Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Calvin Li - Week 1 HW

- more under cut -

Alice in Evil

My story revolves around Alice going into her Wonderland, but everything is demonic and grotesque like the creatures in The Evil Within. The main synopsis is that her memories of Wonderland have been altered and the happy and cheerful place she once knew has been turned into a nightmare. An entity is going from person to person, driving them all insane by altering their memories into their own hellish home and then finally consuming them in the end getting stronger. This entity has crawled into Alice and she must defend and save herself by fighting off these hellish creatures and regain her own original memories. All the friends that she once knew are now hostile and are out to kill her. Each character in Resident Evil has a counterpart in Alice in Wonderland, or for the main characters anyway, and the design would be a cross between the two. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum and Neun and Zehn, the Mad Hatter is the Keeper, the Queen of Hearts is Laura, the Jabberwock is Sentinel, the caterpillar is Heresy, the Cheshire Cat is Ruvik, and the common guards are the Haunted and Sadists.
Throughout the game, Alice will collect shards of her original memories. The story begins where Alice is thrown into the courtyard of a large mansion, and she spectates a man being consumed by a grotesque creature, dropping a pistol. She manages to grab it and end the creature, but then sees the Mad Hatter. She is first happy about seeing her old friend, but then realizes that something is terribly wrong. The Mad Hatter’s appearance is mixed with that of the Keeper’s, so there is no head, just a rather large hat that sprouts disgusting flesh and he is equipped with a large butcher knife. Alice runs and along the way find various weapons that will help her take down her used-to-be friends. Every main enemy she manages to defeat will drop another shard of her memory, helping her fight back against this entity.

The final boss would appear to be the Queen of Hearts, whose appearance has become grotesque and mixed with the appearance of Laura’s, but after defeating her, Alice discovers she’s missing the final piece to help her repel the dark entity. The final boss is then revealed to be the Cheshire Cat, who is parallel to Ruvik from The Evil Within, because they both can appear and disappear. The Cheshire Cat is the one who has been manipulating Alice’s memories, and starts distorting the world around her, messing with gravity and just the entire sense of reality. Alice manages to defeat the Cheshire Cat, and her original memories of the cheery Wonderland she once knew rushes back to her. Alice then comes out of her memories back into reality, still sane.

The art style would take on the darker and more realistic feel of games like The Evil Within and Dark Souls for the monsters, but the characters will still keep the feeling of their original designs in Alice in Wonderland. The more humanoid characters will look a bit stylized like a League of Legends style. The characters will be distinctable to their original designs, even with the grotesque, realistic style.

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