Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Christian Delgado - Week 1 HW

- more under cut -

So my story is going to be based of the Witcher and a campaign I ran in Dungeons and dragons. It will be a high fantasy game with RPG elements where the player takes on side quest as well as follow the main quest. The main character is Foraic a lizard folk who is looking to join the best Hunters Guild. The hunter’s guild is known for taking contracts to kill monsters that terrorize the land. Foraic has some experience in fighting but will learn more as he defeats monsters and gains experience points to level up his skills. He isn’t the strongest yet but he can overcome his challenges with his lizard traits of being quick and silent. Also can easily camouflage with his surroundings. The story starts out with Foraic entering the guild house accepting the challenge that is offered to him. He is not only doing to be the best but to prove to himself that he can accomplish anything. His quest is to help an old lady who lives just south of the village in the swamps. The guild master tells him to bring him the heart of the beast he slays and gives him some supplies which includes a map, torches and some rations. Not given much details other than to find the old lady and slay a beast he goes off to investigate the situation. Reaching the swamp he finds a road that seem to lead to the cabin. He sees the lady cooking and ask her if she was the one that put up the contract. Although she looks suspicious (which she actually is the main villain but the player doesn’t know) she explains to foraic about her pigs disappearing to a beast that takes them to a cave nearby. The player start investigating the area just like in the Witcher finding clues to get information. Finding giant foot prints and seeing that the pigs were dragged he comes to the conclusion that it could be a cave troll. The player goes and defeats the troll with his weapons and wits. The fighting style for the game would be tactical and the player needs to time his moves and abilities but also I want it to have cool killing animations like in the god of war series where button promps come out were the player must successfully press them in order to do a killing blow failing to many will put the monster back to about ¼ health. Defeating giant monsters will drop loot or crafting materials for the player to make powerful weapons or armor. When foraic decides to take the beast heart for proof he gets paralyzed and the old lady comes out showing that she is a Witch/hag and takes the heart in order to summon the great elder dragon azeron. There is where the story begins and Foraic must now choose either to go report the incident or try to handle it himself.

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