Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dan Khanh Tran - Week 1 HW

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Pitch : Starfruit
Based on the old Vietnamese story of the Raven and the Starfruit Tree, Starfruit is an open world RPG. You get to explore the vast landscapes and environments of Averrhoa. Vast lands as well as shape-oriented landmarks – think of the art seen in the game Journey – are hallmarks of Averrhoa. Environments or environment zones will also be inspired by Vietnam’s geography. You play a character named Khe who lives under a large Starfruit Tree. A Raven makes a deal with Khe – offering to lead Khe to fields of gold for permission to eat the starfruit from the tree. Guided by the Raven, Khe explores the land and collects nuggets of gold. Filling your bag with gold will make your character slower and cause creatures to be more aggressive, however they provide buffs in damage, defense, etc. Attempting to pick up more gold than you can carry will make you too heavy for the Raven to carry you. Monsters will be extremely aggressive, and you will lose all buffs. Eating special fruit you find or acquire from quests will offer you new skills. The Raven will guide you closer to bits of gold if you feed it starfruit. You can also ride the Raven to get to further parts of Averrhoa.
Bosses are scattered throughout the land as well as found in dungeons (like many RPGs, it is both open world and instanced). At least one boss guards a chunk of gold (not obtained through a quest). The gold you collect works as a type of currency in the game. You can use your gold to expand your home and care for your tree. Certain monsters in the world can be tamed as companions. Monsters are based off of either Vietnamese tales or animals seen throughout Vietnam. The game pulls from both RPGs and a farm simulators.

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