Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Elenah Han - Week 1 HW

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Realm of Dragons
 In the “Realm of Dragons”, the Dragon Sovereign has disappeared. The dragon kings of the elements have no choice but to decided a new sovereign amongst themselves. However their powers are too great and they fear the world may be destroyed if a battle was issued amongst themselves. One of the dragon king's proposes a solution to their dilemma, they would each find a lesser being/mortal to fight for them in a competition (For example, the wood dragon may find an elf to fight for them since elfs have a close tie to the forest. The earth dragon will have a high chance of finder a dwarf and so on.) After a victor has been decided their dragon would inherit the “Dragon’s will” allowing them to control all of the elements, causing them to be the next sovereign.
Fire, Water, Wood, Earth, Metal, Light, Dark, Lightning/Thunder,  
Dragon Sovereign (Mentor): Rules over all the elements. After falling from the heavens he hides himself in the wilderness, heavily injured, until Zhen discovers him. He offers Zhen the chance to wield an element of her choice with his remaining power in exchange for finding and slaying the traitor amongst his kind.
Zhen (Main Protagonist): Zhen (19) hails from a prodigious family. However the family has fallen through rough times for they haven’t produced an admirable heir to compete against the other power houses. She herself cannot wield any elements and sets out on a journey to gain experience/power, only to discover the dragon sovereign by chance.
Throughout the journey Zhen roams the land defeating the dragons and gaining the ability to wield the elements of those she defeats. Each dragon she encounters either do not believe her or put her through some test which leads to a fight. With each dragon you defeat the stronger the stronger the sovereign becomes.
Power ups are the orbs the dragons have. The orbs or pearls are the source of the dragon’s power. Not only do the orbs give you the ability to use the elements, the orbs also change how you appear.
World: I wanted to make it an open world, allowing players to roam as they please. If they encounter a boss or event a cutscene will happen. However some areas will be higher level than others which will restrict people from entering the wrong places at the wrong time. The world is made up of different regions with different terrains. For example, the North will have a ice/water terrain which will house the water dragon. The map will be something like the Hyrule Fields in Legend of Zelda but more bigger.

Notes/Other Ideas Part 1 can be about fighting mortals. Part 2 fighting dragons. Mentor can be evil.  Perhaps have a group that tries to stop her if she is going a solitary path of evil without realizing it.

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