Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Eric Duque - Week 1 HW

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Goddess of War

For my story I was thinking of doing snow white in the universe of god of war. Where snow white’s kingdom was taken over by a band of seven warlords when she was a child. Her father arranged for her and her siblings to be taken out of the city to their country home where they would meet them and flee to safety. But her parents never made it out of the city, halfway to their country home the caravan was ambushed and her siblings were killed but she managed to escape into the woods where she lived with wild creatures she befriended until she was old enough to seek out her revenge on the seven warlords that took her kingdom.

    Each of the seven warlords control different parts of the kingdom in an open sandbox world where you have to kill the guards and groups of soldiers protecting the cities that are controlled. While growing up in the wild Snow white discovered that she was actually a demigod that could communicate with and some of the mythical beasts that she encountered in the wild. Each of the seven  warlords has enslaved a different race of beast so when you take control of different parts of the kingdom you unlock that race of beast that you can call on to help you in time of need. By the time you get to the last warlord you learn that your mother was actually enyo the goddess of war who feared your power and sent the warlords to kill your entire family.

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