Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Jared Newlan - Week 1 HW

- more under cut -

Story Title
    Setting:  Fantasized world, that could be compared to our medieval time in history, full of diverse creatures. (Going for a Witcher and X-men mashup.)  The source of technology from this planet comes from runes that in short allow for magical feel in the setting.  While most forms of life do not have a special gift, there are some who are born with a natural connection to the runes and end up with powers.  Those with powers are found by a mentor and brought to an academy, a sort of secret training facility where they are taught how to use their powers and go out on contracts to stop evil.   
    Characters and Main Story: Two main characters (Names: Dianna Main Character: 2nd Main Character: Dakota, Antagonist:TBD) , one the player, the other her partner.  Female lead role with a player appearance created partner.  Basic story of the main character, raised in a big brother like society, she’s always felt unsure of the entire setting and never really fit in anywhere.  One day strange visitors dressed for war enter the city and ultimately a battle breaks out leading the main character to the second main character who’s one of the strangers, there he senses a similarity to her as himself and takes her back to the academy.  There at the academy she is tested along with several other new students and because of her closed life society she doesn’t put up much of a fight which gives the rest of the students a false sense toward her.  Mentor senses potential in her and assigns her to the second main character as a partner where she receives a very unwelcomed home.  Later, players discover the potential of the main character, she is revealed to be a very large vessel of power and soon becomes hunted down by the main antagonist and minions of the game.  She gets trained privately by the Mentor.  Eventually it leads the player to become immersed into the main story of the game which is to defeat the smaller evils to unlock getting to the final evil.  In total, I would like to do three main characters two heroes and one antagonist with several smaller secondary characters that would include both heroes and villains.
    Game Design Aspect: Level developments would be at first an enclosed area, being the academy and getting the character familiar with basic movement controls then later becoming an open world environment after a few main story quests.  The beginning of the game would be heavily story based to establish some character backgrounds and give the player a chance to learn how to play, eventually, the player will be free to do as they wish with a main object and side mission.  Boss fights will also be heavily story filled, have some cut scene interactions and some different kind of mechanics that can maybe add a horror feel to the game, as the game will consist of different kinds of monstrosity’s.  The game would want to feel class based, so the element of this freedom would allow for the player to play to their style as well as a crafting system to give it a RPG feel.  There would be many side missions with a main objective and different open world environments for the player to travel to, there would be key elements to describe territory for example how the environment looks, for example decayed around areas where there are demons and undead.  

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