Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Jasmine Liu - Week 1 HW

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Jasmine Liu
For this project, I would like to explore the Harry Potter universe. Aside from Hogwarts, there are ten other magical schools located around the world, two of which I will be exploring. This story will be in a film format rather than a game. I will be looking at the original concept art for the Harry Potter films, as well as artists like Even Amundsen, who concepted a Nordic version of Harry Potter professors. I will also be looking at him for inspiration in terms of style choice.
Castelobruxo is the Brazilian school for magic, and is located deep in the rainforest. A young witch Isabel goes to the Uagadou School of Magic in Africa as an exchange student, located in the Mountains of the Moon. The students there are known for alchemy, transfiguration, and astronomy

She befriends a group of students from her magizoology class, her favorite subject. Her newfound friends are all animagi – they are able to morph into different animals. Intrigued, she learns the art of becoming one as well, choosing the form of a bird. For fun, her friends like going out into the plains to study the animals and creatures. However, one day, they accidentally find the lair of the legendary Nundu, a leopard like creature that can only be constrained by 100 wizards. The students barely escape with their lives.

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