Wednesday, February 8, 2017

John Lam - Week 1 HW

- more under cut - 

Too Epic too Adventurous
    For my story I was thinking of doing Shrek in the universe of Dark Souls. The story starts off after Shrek wins his freedom from the gladiator pit, where non humans are placed to fight for the sheer entertainment of man. Shrek was then capture and poison by the king. Shrek was given a mission to bring back the God’s tear, which was worn by the princess of the cursed kingdom. Cursed because nothing grows but death and decay. As for the reward are the lives of his fellow comrades and also his own. Shrek then request for a fellow comrade to join for his mission and hurries to the kingdom with the God’s tear.  
The cursed kingdom was once a kingdom of prosperity, but due to the crash of a fallen angel and the cursed that came with it made the people of the kingdom slowly become insane. The curse allow the lost souls of the dead merge with monsters and beings that are born from darkness. Shrek discover the news of the princess and how the power of the Necklace with the God’s tear allowed the princess to stay in human form rather than a cursed angle. After finding the location of the God’s tear, Shrek heads towards it but was warned of the guardian of the fallen angel, a great holy being, the dragon.

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