Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Josh Sunga - Week 1 HW

- more under cut -

VST Story 1 Pitch :
A disinterested adventurer and a 10 year old convict will join forces to combat the wrong known (and unknown) to their world. The two will clash and unadmittedly work together to develop a duo much like Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us, (except coming out alive from each encounter is more of a result of blind luck and learning to depend on each other despite how strong they believe they would be fine on their own.) The two are polar opposites in demeanor and life experience, but share the same sarcastic tongue and stubborn resolve to overcome the problems that might lie before them.

Vague overview plot (from player’s perspective):
Ten year old hijacks an expensive personal transportation ship and crash lands it into a restricted habitat conservation area. There happens to be our unsuspecting adventurer who gets caught up in the mess and forced to commit unlawful flight from The Law. The two try to disband the duo and go off on their own, but either it be the odds of chance or something along the lines of fate, the two continue to cross paths in the vast jungle. Boasting a combined track record of “grand theft auto, poachery, and escaping the scene in a restricted habitat-conservation area,” the duo must survive amongst the creatures of the wild and fend off the forces of The Law, all while unknowingly foiling an ambitious plan to conquer countries with an ancient power hidden by the jungle.

General overview:
The Law has discovered an ancient warrior from folklore and legend within the jungle. Under the guise of protecting critically endangered species, The Law has been able to advance its agenda to conquer upon an unsuspecting world. Underhanded facilities have also flocked here to conduct illegal animal experimentations. Being made aware of the duo wandering the jungle, The Law uses bandits, bounty hunters, and engineered beasts to thwart any possible discovery of their schemes. Regardless, our protagonists discover the truth and will ultimately defeat their foes and overcome all obstacles to prevent the awakening of the weapon.
I want the fun of first person shooters which focus on players’ skill and dexterity, alongside wanting to immerse the player in story and a world like that of an RPG. Collecting unique items throughout the players’ travels and discovering new creatures within the jungle environment is an aspect I want to push in the designs. I also don’t want players to just shoot up the jungle with the intent to kill every living thing and gain EXP. I want any disruptive action to be consequential to the player, like enraging formidable creatures and catching the unwanted attention of predators, be it bandit or beast. Player’s must exercise caution and “knowing how to pick your fights” unlike other shoot it up games.
I also like the feature of decision making from the player being influential to the story of the game. Much like how saving the girls after killing a Big Daddy gave more benefits to the player in Bioshock, I was thinking showing mercy to the creatures in the jungle when possible would benefit the player in many ways.

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