Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Kaylee Gifford - Week 1 HW

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Dawn of Beasts
I’m basing my game of the epic poem, Beowulf, taking place in the world of Monster Hunter. The player would be a Hunter, trying to raise their ranks in the Hunter’s Guild by traveling to distant lands to protect villages from the wrath of rampaging beasts. The Hunter was sent on a test mission, to defeat a monster who has been terrorizing a particular area, trapping the natives. After traveling across the treacherous sea, the hunter made it to this new foreign land. *seeing as the Hunter is still low in ranks, villagers are doubtful in the Hunter’s skill to slay. However, seeing has how the villagers were desperate, they would not turn down the Hunters help. Vowing to return successful the Hunter set off, but not before hiring a young palico to aid them on their quest.
After a long wait, the Hunter returns victorious. The everyone in the village begins to praise and celebrate. This victory led to many others over time, allowing the Hunter to climb to the top of the Guild’s ranks. Over this time, other hunters became jealous of the Hunter’s victories and praise. They began causing trouble for the Hunter by winding up more monsters for the Hunter to deal with. However, in the process of their trouble making, they unknowingly awakened a colossal beast, that could tear lands apart.
It wasn't long before the beast was discovered and being annihilating everything in its sight. It was expected of the Hunter to take it down before it could destroy any more. The Hunter rallied more hunters to help, and along with their trusty palico, set off. Once confronting the colossus, the Hunter and their palico were the only ones to remain, while the others fled. As an epic battle takes place the Hunter takes a severe wound as their palico finishes of the beast.
As they return from their conquest, the Hunter discovers they're hunting days are over. They and their palico retire and live out the eat of their lives training new hunters.

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