Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ke Syu - Week 1 HW

- more under cut -
Plot:    There was a devil king living in a castle, which is made of the king’s magic power. Everyday he had to stop heroes from breaking into his castle. One day, his castle was broken by one of the hero who was assigned to defeat the devil king. The hero was so powerful that the devil king was blown out of the hole of the broken wall by his shockwave. And the Devil king’s journey of going home began.
    Where he woke up is a prairie. During his journey, he was not only finding the way home but also making deals with people to turn each level into his land. Finally, he was back to his broken castle. However, The devil king found out that after the day he was blown away, the hero was awarded this castle by the human king, and then he brought all the villagers into the castle. However,  due to the power the devil king had gained in the journey, the castle became much stronger than before that no one, except for the devil king, can pass the magic barrier which was built at the very beginning the castle is established. Knowing the situation, the devil king was not very upset. He found a new home else where and leave the castle in the wild. After all, now he had much more place to stay than the castle, and no one would bother him again.

Gameplay:    This story is designed to be an adventure/ puzzle side-scrolling game. the main character go through levels by solving puzzles. After completing each level, a Tarot card is awarded. the more cards collected, the more the devil king’s power of defense grows. These Tarot card are the symbol of partners that are gathered in the journey.
    the main game play will be the journey part of the story.

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