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Andrea Riggio - Week 2 HW

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The king and queen are having a party to celebrate the birth of their baby girl. 3 good fairies come to bring gifts and blessings. Before the 3rd fairy can bestow her blessing upon the girl, a 4th fairy storms in, angry about not being invited to the party. She curses the girl to be pruck by a needle, that will end up destroying her brain, and that she will destroy the kingdom. As she leaves, the 3rd fairy uses her blessing to alter the curse, making it so the princess will just be put in stasis, or a deep sleep. She will be able to wake up with a kiss from a prince. 

The king orders that all needles be taken out of the castle, but the fairies dont think this is enough, and take her away to a cottage in the woods. As she is out gathering berries, she meets Prince Phillip and falls in love. They don’t tell each other their names, and dont find out that they were to be wed years ago. 
 When the princess arrives back home, the fairies tell her of her royal heritage ​and that she cannot see her newfound love stranger. Heartbroken, Rose leaves the room. At the same time, Phillip tells his father of a peasant girl whom he met and wishes to marry in spite of his prearranged marriage to Aurora. Hubert fails to convince him otherwise, leaving him in equal disappointment. 

The fairies take Aurora back to the castle that evening. Maleficent lures Aurora away from the fairies and tricks the princess into pricking her finger on a spinning wheel's spindle, completing the curse, and sending Aurora into a stasis. 

One of the fairies realizes that Phillip is the stranger whom Aurora has fallen in love with. However, he has been ambushed and kidnapped by Maleficent and her minions at the cottage. They take him to Maleficent's castle and imprison him in the dungeon. Maleficent shows Phillip the now peacefully sleeping Aurora was the girl he fell in love with. She plans to keep him locked away until he is a weak old man on the verge of death, then she will release him to meet his love, who will not have aged a single day. 

After Maleficent returns to her tower, the fairies arrive at the castle, where they narrowly avoid being spotted. Luckily they find and release Phillip, arming him with the Sword of Truth and the Shield of Virtue.  The fairies and Phillip then proceed to escape on his steed. Maleficent comes back to find that Phillip has escaped. As Phillip and the fairies make their way toward King Stefan's castle, Maleficent tries to stop him with a series of lightning bolts, and even conjuring a forest of thorns to surround the castle, but all her attempts fail. She then teleports herself to the castle gate and transforms into a giant ​dragon​ to battle the prince. The battle moves onto a cliff, where a blast of Maleficent's flame causes Phillip to lose his shield. Just as Maleficent is about to lunge at the prince and destroy him, the three fairies fly to Phillip's aid. Blessing it with all their magic, Phillip throws the sword directly into Maleficent's heart. Mortally wounded, Maleficent collapses over the cliff. All that's left of her is a part of her robe, with the sword pinning it down as it turns black. When Maleficent dies, the forest of thorns disappears. Phillip, accompanied by the fairies, walks into the castle. In the highest tower he finds his true love, still asleep. He kisses Aurora and she 
awakens, breaking the curse and waking everyone in the palace. Aurora and Phillip dance on and live happily ever after.  

*change spindle to prick princess to put her in a stasis, disrupting her brain chip with a strong electric current 
*Prince saves princess by pumping her with electricity

Hero's Journey

THE ORDINARY WORLD- Sleeping beauty is born and prince falls in love with her.
CALL TO ADVENTURE- Sleeping beauty is put under a curse.
  • The prince finds out from the fairies that his betrothed has been cursed into a kind of a stasis.
  • He is the only one who is able to help her, and decides to go save her

REFUSAL TO CALL- ??? He doesn’t refuse...he goes straight to her? Maybe when he is taken by Maleficent
  • Maleficent finds the prince trying to make his way to the castle where the princess is held.
  • she captures him and puts him in a cage so he cannot save the princess

MEETING WITH THE MENTOR- Fairies meet up with the prince and get him out of Maleficent’s cage.
  • He passes through a forest of thorns manifested by Maleficent, trying to get into the castle to start his journey to save the princess

TESTS, ALLIES AND ENEMIES- Fairies aid him in his quest to save the princess, clears the first wave of hatchlings from Maleficent.
APPROACH- After defeating some of the dragons, but moves up into the  castle to confront Maleficent
THE ORDEAL- Prince almost is defeated by Maleficent, but uses hearts in order to regain his health.
THE REWARD- Prince defeats Maleficent and goes to get the princess
THE ROAD BACK- I???? Not too sure...
THE RESURRECTION- ?? This doesn’t seem to happen..
RETURN WITH ELIXIR - The Prince pumps 9000 volts of electricity into the princess in order to take her out of her stasis. They go on to marry and live together.

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