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Calvin Li - Week 2 HW

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Hero's Journey

Alice In Evil

The story begins with Alice, who at the time is in her thirties, long after her experiences in Wonderland and is now a working member of modern society. Her memories of Wonderland are very miniscule since it’s been so long. News warns the public about a virus going around causing damage to the brain that could be fatal and Alice is thus exposed to this virus. She falls ill to said virus and takes time off work to rest. However, the next time she wakes up she finds herself in front of a large, creepy, and decrepit looking house. After she gathers her bearings, she witnesses a normal man being ripped to shreds by a horrid looking, humanoid creature.
Frightened, Alice attempts to flee the site before the monster has a chance to spot her. She manages to escape the creature’s sight, but realizes there is a large enclosure around the house, making it impossible to escape. She’s terrified and her hope is slowly draining until another man approaches her, this one a normal human. He reminds her of the once joyous Wonderland and how it has been corrupted and lost to this virus that has taken it over and turned it into a living nightmare. Alice cannot recall the original Wonderland. The man tells her the only way to survive is to fight back and that she’s running out of time, before running off and disappearing.
Alice, still frightened, but determined now, makes her way back to the house’s entrance. She spots the mauled human, approaching him to see a gruesome sight. As she examines the murder sight, a spine-chilling growl fills the air, revealing the monster. It bounds towards her. Alice backs away, only to trip backwards due to a pistol dropped by the deceased man. She manages to kill the monster with a couple shots, realizing after that what the man said is true, and that she must fight back.
Throughout the house, Alice fights various monsters and in important fights against monsters that were once her friends, such as The Mad Hatter, and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, she collects shards of her memories which help her remember and free her friends of Wonderland. Finally she reaches what appears to be the final enemy, and she is prepared as she has collected various weapons and has regained most of her memory of Wonderland. She faces against The Red Queen, finally vanquishing her; however, she doesn’t regain the last piece of her memory back. She heads back to the entrance of the house, exiting the building in hopes of the nightmare being over.
When she exits the building, she finds out that the final enemy is the Cheshire Cat, the one responsible for toying with her mind. The Cheshire Cat reveals to her that he is the virus itself, and it manifests itself inside people’s minds, taking a memory that they may have forgotten and destroys them from the inside. Because Alice has such a strong connection to Wonderland, the memory that the virus is trying to dig itself into, she is able to fight back and defeat the Cheshire Cat, reverting Wonderland to its former, lighthearted state. All her Wonderland friends are there and the environment changes into a fairytale-esque land. The enclosure fades and she is able to return to her own world. She wakes up in her bed, her fever gone and her memories of Wonderland bright and vivid in her head. The news bring good fortune, saying that the virus has suddenly stopped and is no longer a threat, in fact has disappeared altogether. She goes back to her normal life, going on about her days as if nothing changed, but she will always be free to visit her beautiful Wonderland. It will be a memory she won’t ever forget.
  1. Alice lives a normal life, forgetting about Wonderland.
  2. Alice gets infected with a virus, falls ill and gets thrown into the messed up Wonderland.
  3. She sees a man get killed and runs away.
  4. The mysterious man tells of the virus and Wonderland.
  5. She kills the first monster of many.
  6. She goes through the world fighting off the monsters regaining her memory.
  7. She prepares for the final battle against the Red Queen.
  8. Alice beats the Red Queen.
  9. There’s no more danger, but not all her memory is regained yet.
  10. She makes her way towards the entrance, expecting to go home.
  11. It is revealed that the Cheshire Cat is the actual final enemy, and the virus itself.
  12. Beats the Cheshire Cat and returns home safe and with memories of Wonderland.

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