Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Christian Delgado - Week 2 HW

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Hero's Journey

 THE ORDINARY WORLD- Foraic is a thief and smuggler, he steals from ordinary folks to make a living. He is a lonewolf and only works for himself, he is also a trained fighter and knows his way around a sword
 CALL TO ADVENTURE- Runs into a flier where he reads that they will pay 500 gold pieces to slay a beast he agrees to try it, he thinks it will be an easy task
 REFUSAL TO CALL- figures out that he must join the hunters guild, the hunters guild are people who help out the weak and also slay beast that create chaos in the realm, although he doesn’t want to join he does because he plans on leaving one he is rewarded the gold
 MEETING WITH THE MENTOR- his mentor is the guild leader thrum, a bulky dwarf that wields an axe, Thrum is an experience and powerful person. Thrum is the one who teaches Foraic the ways of hunting and tracking beast, he gives a book of some beast that he will encounter showing weaknesses, he also gives foraic a bow that he can use then sets him off to his journey giving him guidance of where to go and what he must do, once the beast is slayed he must bring the beast heart in order to collect his reward and in order to be accepted into the guild
 CROSSING THE THRESHOLD- after leaving the town he goes into the swamps a place he has not been since he stays around the main roads and cities to do his work, on his way he fights goblins, wolves’ ghouls and lesser beast. He finally approaches the lone cabin where the old lady lives. She is the one who asked the hunters guild for help
 TESTS, ALLIES AND ENEMIES- he is tested by using his skills into investigating footprints of the beast he must slay coming to the conclusion that it is a cave troll that has been terrorizing the old lady’s livestock
 APPROACH- Foraic starts to prepare for the fight doing research on cave trolls to get the upper hand, he prepares equipment and potions since he knows it won’t be so easy he then follows the tracks and finds the cave where the beast is
 THE ORDEAL- Foraic faces the beast, almost dying he managed to win the battle against the troll and the trolls minions (goblins)
 THE REWARD- he gathers loot from the troll like a new weapon or armor, he then retrieves the trolls heart so he can go cash it in
 THE ROAD BACK- he gladly goes back to the cabin to let the lady know that he has done the deed, the lady then ask for proof and foraic show the heart, that’s when she shows her true colors of being a hag
THE RESURRECTION- the hag uses a spell on foraic where he is entagled by vines and she takes the heart, she then tells him thanks for his work and that she will able to complete the ritual of summoning the great demon Azeron and leaves him to die
 RETURN WITH THE ELIXIR- Foraic manages to escape the vines that’s when he must decide to go head on and stop her or go ask for help from the hunters guild and tell them the situation of what had happened. This is only but the beginning

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