Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dan Khanh Tran - Week 2 HW

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Hero's Journey: Starfruit

 Ordinary World : Khe lives on his farm peacefully.
 Call to Adventure : Khe is poor. He desperately needs money. The Raven offers to help him find gold in exchange for the starfruit.
 Refusal of the Call : Khe is scared to leave his home. The wilderness is vast and dangerous.
 Meeting with the Mentor : The Raven is his mentor. The Raven convinces Khe to go out and face the wilderness.
 Crossing the Threshold : Khe decides to go and the Raven flies him far from home.
 Tests, Allies, and Enemies : Khe meets different creatures along the way that he may tame to bring along his journey. The Raven is already an ally, and Khe meets a Water Buffalo to help as well. 
 Approach : Khe prepares to enter the Nest.
 The Ordeal : Once inside the Queen’s Nest, Khe faces the Queen of Greed. He must defeat her to reap his reward. But even after he defeats her, he faces the ordeal of greed. Taking too much treasure may cause even greater trouble.
 The Reward : Khe wins his treasure. He places the gold in his bag and prepares to head home. The
 Road Back : With gold in his pack, Khe faces monsters that want his treasure.
 Resurrection : One of his final challenges, Khe must decide what to do with his treasure. Spend it for his family, build his farm, or perhaps share it with others in the village.

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