Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Elenah Han - Week 2 HW

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Hero’s Journey
  1. Ordinary World - Zhen lives in a prodigious family that is falling. Every day she goes out to train despite not being able to use magic. Her family used to be very wealthy however now they are living a life close to commoners even if their property is vast. Her friends know her situation and accept her. Her siblings have talent but it still isn’t enough to compete against the other power houses around her family.
  2. Call to Adventure- Zhen decides to go out to further temper herself when she finds that hard work cannot defeat the talented youths of her age. (People that can use elemental power). She leaves secretly because she doesn’t want her family to find out.
  3. Meeting the Mentor- She finds a wounded dragon and helps him in exchange for power. He offers her the power to wield the elements if she could find the traitor amongst his kind that caused his downfall. The dragon she finds is the dragon sovereign.
  4. Tests, Allies, Enemies- Tests are defeating the chosen mortals that the dragons choose, (Later some team up to hunt her down while a few become her allies), the enemy is the “traitor”
  5. Approach- When she defeats one dragon she gains their elemental power allowing her to beat the next dragon
  6. Death, Rebirth- She fails at beating one of the dragons but manages to heal due to the mentor helping her out. She finds herself gaining the ability to use the elemental powers to gain different half dragon/ half human forms.
  7. Reward- The more dragons she defeats the more power she gains which in turn helps her family. At the same time the mentor is regaining his former strength.
This is where story may not follow the guide.
There was no traitor in the first place. The real enemy is the dragon sovereign. He was using Zhen to regain his strength by “stealing” the defeated dragon’s power. At the end you get to fight the sovereign by transforming into one.
Haven’t decide whether it will be a happy ending or a tragedy.

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