Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dan Khanh Tran - Week 3 HW

Key Moments
  1. We meet Khe in his home. He’s poor, he’s tired, he’s hungry. He works hard to pick fruit from his tree, but it’s not the most profitable occupation – and ravens constantly eat his fruit.
  2. Khe meets the Raven. The Raven proposes a deal – gold for starfruit. Khe is overjoyed for the opportunity but also frightened to leave his home.
  3. Khe packs and prepares to leave home. It’s a big place out there and Khe isn’t sure what to bring. He looks around at mementos and important things to him and chooses a couple.
  4. Khe meets his ally, the Water Buffalo. Khe saves the Water Buffalo, freeing his stuck leg. The Water Buffalo agrees to join Khe on his quest.
  5. Khe prepares to enter Avaritia’s Nest. Khe is intimidated by the entrance, and theRaven warns him that she does not take well to strangers, and is even less pleased bythieves.
  6. Khe challenges Avaritia. She spews hot oil – and insults. Frog minions do her bidding and keep Khe far away from any of her treasure. After Khe defeats her, she falls and melts/explodes, sending hot oil flying. Her minions disperse and Khe is left to reap his reward.
  7. The Raven swoops down and warns Khe that he can only carry so much gold. Khe faces inner conflict as he decides how much gold to take.
  8. Khe heads back home with his treasure. The Raven flies his back some of the way,then Khe sets off on foot.
  9. Home at last, Khe and his Water Buffalo live well off… at least until the Raven asks for more starfruit.

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