Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Elenah Han - Week 3 HW

Key Moments
  1. Introduction would be in the forest in the middle of her journey. Later on there will be flashbacks to moments of her childhood and before she left.
  2. Zhen Leaves heads out for her journey when she realizes that hard work won’t beat the youths of her age. They could control elements which puts her at a disadvantage since they could fight from afar. She wields a sword but she’s only good at close combat until she meets the dragon.
  3. Zhen Meets the Dragon/Mentor in an Ice Cavern. He offers her the power to control water because he only has strength to offer the power to control one element.
  4. Another Key Element is when she meets and fights other people who were chosen by the dragons to fight for them.
  5. Zhen realizing that her dragon is the fallen dragon king after beating youths. The group of youths who form a party later on to stop protagonist as she goes defeating dragons at their own domains.
  6. Ends up helping Sovereign out by defeating the dragons and restoring his powers
  7. Dragon Sovereign was actually using her for his own gains. Main character was fighting on side of “evil”
  8. Main Character has to beat the fallen sovereign after he has his powers restored.
  9. To defeat the dragon she has to transform into one.

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