Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Jared Newlan - Week 2 HW

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Hero's Journey

 1. Diana is the Protagonist of the entire game, she was abandoned as a young child and raised by her Aunt and Uncle in the city of Valk. The city has a foundation of a Big Brother type society so it’s residents rarely see any kind of violence. Because of this, Diana is very unfamiliar with how the world works and what kind of monsters truly are beyond the city.
 2. (2 and 3 are combined to one) Outsiders enter the city, a day later there’s a battle that leads to several civilian deaths including the deaths of Diana’s Aunt and Uncle. Amongst the chaos, Diana meets our supporting character who see’s potential and convinces her to come with them.
 3. Becomes introduced to the academy becomes attached to supporting character and meets Mentor and does a dream like placement test and ultimately places the lowest possible. Supporting character deeply dislikes her after that. Sets protagonist into an emotional state of denial, and loneliness (real world vs ideal world)
 4. Supporting character goes off on a mission and comes back horribly wounded, near death. The attack was so bad, he nearly gets converted into a demon but a power awakens in Diana and is used to save supporting character he becomes unconscious for a few days. Supporting character has dire news to tell. 5
. After revealing of power, mentor of academy takes her away to train her privately. When supporting character wakes up he explains his dire news to other mentors and it eventually leads to forming up a team to go after Diana and save them. While at the same time, the Antagonist is planning to hunt down Diana and use her powers for evil.
 6. Supporting hero and group find them and then get attacked and Protagonist is captured along with a friend. During this time the mentor suffers a slow poisoned death.
 7. While captured, faces main Antagonist and is tortured along with secondary character some more emotional trauma here as secondary character suffers much worse.
 8. Supporting hero eventually finds them and breaks them out, Diana finds her reward in relationship with supporting hero and saving the life of her inmate.
 9. Return to the academy only briefly as they set out again to fight the Antagonist.
 10. Final battle between Antagonist and Protagonist resulting in some supporting hero injuries and emotional stir to heighten emotional drive through story.

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