Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Jasmine Liu - Week 2 HW

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Hero's Journey

 THE ORDINARY WORLD- Isabel is a student at Castellobruxo, the Brazillian school of magic. 
 CALL TO ADVENTURE- She decides to do something different and attend the exchange program hosted by Uagado in Africa
 REFUSAL TO CALL- She chooses to major in magizoology rather than herbology
 MEETING WITH THE MENTOR- Isabel meets some older students in class who introduce her to the art of transfiguration 
CROSSING THE THRESHOLD- She learns that most of the students are very developed in the arts of transfigration, and asks them to teach her
 TESTS, ALLIES AND ENEMIES- The kids sneak out at night to run with the wild animals. She must prove that she is fearless in order to join their group.
 APPROACH- She is enraptured by her newfound life of excitement, and the other students accept her into their group of friends
 THE ORDEAL - It is discovered that something or someone has been killing the muggle's livestock in the same area that the students have been sneaking off to at night. The students decide to take matters into their own hands, thinking they can take on whoever has been murdering the livestock. They discover that the one doing the killing is another student -- the son of a nefarious witch doctor who lives out in the plains outside the school.
 THE REWARD- Isabel is able to scare the boy off in her transfigured form, gaining the trust and respect of her peers.
 THE ROAD BACK- The students head back to school to make sure no one messes with the muggles anymore, only to discover that the killings are still happening.
 THE RESURRECTION- the boy asks his father for help, who sends a magical beast akin to the nundu to ambush them at night. they are barely able to defeat the nundu and poison the witch doctor with Isabel's herbology skills she learned back in Brazil. Heading back to school, the students are almost expelled, but instead are congratulated for ridding the area of a dangerous wizard.

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