Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Jared Newlan - Week 3 HW

Key Moments

1. Diana’s home is destroyed, convinced to go to Academy with strangers.
2. Takes trial and fails, becomes outlandish. Hated by Partner (Dakota)
3. Makes a friend to cope with emotional discourage
4. Dakota returns from a mission near death
5. Diana saves Dakota with reveal of true power.
6. Diana is removed with mentor and goes to train
7. Dakota wakes up and reveals important information about Diana and her powerfulness
8. Dakota forms a group to hunt down Diana and mentor
9. While out training, Diana and Mentor are attacked and Dakota’s group show up to help fight.
10. Diana and secondary character are captured and tortured and eventually escape.
11. Return to Academy and reunite with friends and prepare for final fight.

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