Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Jasmine Liu - Week 3 HW

Key Moments

1. Isabel is ambushed by a group of animals that she discovers to be animagi students from her magizoology class
2. Isabel learns the art of transfiguration from her newfound friends
3. She chooses the African eagle to transfigure into, and also begins to learn how to use magic without a wand
4. Isabel sneaks off school grounds through a secret passage for the first time with her newfound friends. She gets a rush of adrenaline breaking rules
5. The students run with the herds of the plains for excitement
6. It is discovered that someone or something has been killing the livestock in the muggle villages
7. The students find the bodies of livestock and are almost discovered by the muggles
8. They find a boy with his friends practicing dark magic, and they find out he is a student from their school
9. The witch doctor appears in front of Isabel and her friends, brandishing dark magic
10. The students are able to poison the witch doctor, banishing him to exile

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