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Kim Grice - Week 2 HW

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Hero's Journey

  •  The Ordinary World- The introduction to Drake’s world is very brief, consisting of glimpses of the lab he was held captive and the events that led to his escape. Very little is initially known about Drake and where he is from and what he had done during his lifetime. This is because the player can find notes and secret documents pertaining to the project that created Drake that entail his creation, the tests that were performed on him, evaluations on his abilities, and the environment he was forced to live in. 
  •  Call to Adventure-The closest thing to a call to adventure is his escape from the lab he is kept in. Drake is intended to act as a character that creates their own path and makes decisions based on his own thoughts and the situation at hand. He would have already wanted to expose and destroy the Biogenesis Corporation, therefore making the opportunity to do so the call. 
  •  Refusal to Call- As stated above, Drake already has his mind set on his goals. He never refuses the call and takes on the journey for his own reasons. If he did refuse the call it would contradict his desire to prevent the production of more experiments and cause confusion about his true personality. 
  •  Meeting the Mentor- Drake, as the only clone is the world, doesn’t have a mentor and is forced to find his own answers. He faces questions and obstacles that most humans wouldn’t encounter and, with his strong and determined mindset, comes up with his own solutions. 
  •  Crossing the Threshold – Drake has an innate fear of Winston Lowman, the man that he is a clone of. He can’t say exactly why, especially since Lowman is an older man that would stand no chance against Drake. This fear originates from the treatment he received after his creation, which made him see himself as inferior and of lesser value than real human beings. With Lowman being essentially the human form of Drake (excluding their differing personalities) he feels inferior to Lowman. After an encounter with Lowman Drake realizes that he is his own being whether he shares Lowman’s DNA or not. He overcomes his fear and is willing to face Lowman and anything he has at his disposal without hesitation. 
  •  Tests, Allies, Enemies- Later Drake and his allies are discovered by the CIA and take them into their custody. Ryker, one of Drake’s allies, knows the director of the CIA and had tried to tell him about Biogenesis’ wrongdoings. She uses Drake as proof, gaining the director of the CIA as an ally. Their enemies consist of the mutants and scientists that are actively engaged in their creation, with Winston Lowman, the company’s owner, being their main target. A major test that Drake goes through is the time he meets the daughter of one of the CIA agents they work with. He has never interacted with children before and is confused by how she behaves. He eventually comes to admire the innocence that the young girl exhibits and is comforted by her lack of reaction when he shows that he isn’t human. This little girl eventually is caught by Biogenesis and Drake tries to save her but doesn’t reach her in time. He feels unyielding guilt as a result, feeling like his intention to prevent heinous crimes only brought more of them. He has to question exactly how he is going to achieve his goal and reevaluate how he reaches them. 
  •  Approach- With the help of the CIA Drake discovers that Lowman’s goal is to create toxins that would either kill anyone who came into contact with it or cause them to mutate and a serum that would elevate him to greater power, making him the most powerful man alive (his motives are discovered shortly after this). Drake is now pressed for time and must find a way to reach Lowman before he can finish creating the serum and toxins. 
  •  The Ordeal- Lowman does finish the toxins but not the serum because of Drake’s intervention. However, Lowman had this possibility in mind and set up a system that will release the toxins into the atmosphere, essentially destroying anyone who was exposed to it. Drake, his team, and the director of the CIA evaluate what few options they have to stop the toxin’s release in time, coming up with few solutions. Drake, knowing he is the only one with the physical ability to withstand toxins for a short time, decides to approach the source of the toxins and destroy the mechanism that would release it. However, the toxins are deadly enough to slowly kill Drake, a fact that Lowman points out upon Drake’s decision. Drake ignores Ryker’s pleas to consider other options before sacrificing himself but Drake’s mind is set. He knows he can’t live among humans as he doesn’t have a future among them, and with Biogenesis out of commission he doesn’t have any goals to pursue. The 
  •  Reward- Drake successfully travels through the toxins and destroys the machine that would release them, saving humanity. However, Drake does not make it out. 
  •  The Road Back- Drake’s allies ponder the conclusion to Drake’s story as the CIA reestablishes order among the populations. Biogenesis is exposed, Lowman is taken into custody, and the cruel experimentations come to an end. The 
  •  Resurrection- There isn’t a resurrection in Drake due to his resolve, however his three allies are greatly affected by his choice, and each pursue a new path towards their future with Drake in mind.

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