Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kindra Dantone - Week 2 HW

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Hero's Journey

*Note: All depends on choices made by player.
The Ordinary World: Ray Belle is a human who grew up with their father making pizza together. Over time, the company became so big that it took over almost every business, and is now the ultimate company in the universe - almost like its own nation. Ray’s father never see’s Ray anymore, and they try to build their status up so that they may impress him/get his attention. They work as a soldier for the company, going on missions and completing tasks.
Call to Adventure: Ray goes on a mission to track down an undercover pizza service that risks their business. While searching on the foreign planet, they run into Iris, an alien girl, who protects them as they are getting attacked by a random enemy. They get through the situation together, though Ray’s ship is destroyed. Iris offers them a ride back to wherever they came from in order to help them.They go through obstacles together and get to know each other.
Refusal to Call: Once Ray arrives to the ship, they realize that it’s actually the pizza servies they were looking for - and Iris works for them. Ray instantly thinks to take the ship to custody, but is conflicted after Iris saved them.
Meeting with the Mentor: Iris, Rando, and others along the way are like mentors to Ray.
Crossing the Threshold: After befriending Iris and Iris mentioning her missing twin - who has her other eye (the similar power that she has in hers that creates shields, etc), Ray decides to help find her twin and joins the crew undercover, though there are doubts within and they still are unsure about turning them in.
Tests, Allies, and Enemies: Along the way, there are many run ins with enemies, people from Ray’s dad’s company, who get in the way. There are also a number of allies who help and are friends. Ray at times will be put to the test by making difficult decisions.
Approach: Overtime, Ray is so full of guilt for turning their back on their father's company that they decide to turn Iris and the crew in. This is their only ticket to possibly getting their father back, and they need it.
Side note* Not sure about this part, mostly because it’s my last resort and I feel there is a better way to go about this story.
The Ordeal, Death, Rebirth: When they finally meet their father, he is very different. Being so full of greed and anger, he has forgotten about his family and hardly recognizes Ray. They discover that the shield for their company is actually Iris’s twin being used for power.
The Reward: Ray spills out their feelings to their father, and decides to break Iris and friends out and leave together. Though they try to retrieve Iris’s twin, they are not able to in time.
The Road Back: The group, working together now, decide to get others together for the ultimate battle against Ray’s father and his company. They are determined to end the war, retrieve Iris’s twin, and get Ray’s father back.
Side note* Perhaps another thing that could happen is they all must face a dangerous space storm and have to somewhat work together to make sure they all don’t die? (this could happen early on instead)
Resurrection: They gather up all the people they can and make way for Ray’s father’s company. They get through, and Ray and Iris make their way to Ray’s father to confront him and try to get to him. He had been using Iris’s “twin’s” power for so long that it took control of him. They release Iris’s twin and Ray’s father slowly begins becoming himself again.
Return with Elixir: Ray and their father come out as different people. Ray’s father changes, and they try to fix their relationship over time. Iris and Ray stick together, happily delivering pizza.

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