Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kim Grice - Week 3 HW

Key Moments

1. Ryker, Booker, and Thalia infiltrate one of Biogenesis’ labs. When they are caught theytry to create a diversion, accidentally freeing Drake from his cell. They work together to escape.
2. Drake agrees to join the trio in their efforts to expose Biogenesis.
3. After tracking down Lowman (villain) Drake has a chance to pursue him but hesitates. This results in Lowman’s escape.
4. Drake confronts Lowman, still fearful of him because he is, essentially, the “successful” version of himself. During this time Drake realizes he and Lowman are not the same person and no longer feels hesitant to fight back.
5. Lowman escapes, leaving Drake and his crew just before police officers encounter them and take the into custody.
6. Drake and his friends meet the Director of the CIA, who agrees to aid them in exposing Biogenesis, seeing Drake as proof of their heinous acts.
7. Drake meets a young girl named Cali, the daughter of one of the CIA agents. He learns from her innocent behavior but his interaction with her leads to her becoming one of Biogenesis’ targets. This leads to her death which make Drake question how he is supposed to live in the world when he only causes trouble.
8. Drake discovers that Lowman is in the final stages of his plan and rush to stop him. They make it just before he releases toxins that will endanger the human race.
9. With few options left Drake ventures into the source of the toxins in order to stop them before they are released. He doesn’t doubt his decision as he feels that after he reaches his goal he would have done everything he ever wanted to do.
10. Drake stops the toxins but does not make it out alive. Biogenesis is exposed and Lowman is taken into custody. Drake’s team move forward with him in mind.

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