Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kindra Dantone - Week 3 HW

Key Moments
  1. Iris and her rebel friends infiltrate the Pizza Co, a large ship of planets that is taking over the galaxy/businesses. There, she takes something from the ship, and eventually crosses paths with Ray, a guard on the ship, but is able to escape.
  2. Ray decides to go after Iris and her other friends to somehow regain her honor for “letting” them escape. Ray goes to the planet that it is believed Iris and her friends are.
  3. While searching for Iris and her rebel gang, Ray gets attacked by a dangerous giant alien monster that destroys Ray’s ship, but is protected by Iris.
  4. They defeat the monster together, but are thrown off by the impact and become lost together. Ray takes Iris captive, but they end up having to work together to find their way out of their situation.
  5. Iris and Ray find their way to Iris’s friends and ship, which is an undercover pizza rebel group. They have befriended each other through everything, and Iris offers to at least give them a ride to a place where Ray can find their own way home.
  6. Ray goes back to their home ship/city, but feels different. Iris was their first ever real friend who treated them like a person and was kind. They begin to have second thoughts about their home. They decide to leave to find Iris again.
  7. Once they find Iris, they are together again, but Ray’s father had others spying on Ray and their whereabouts, and begin to attack them. Ray tells them to stop but Ray is now considered an enemy to her home and her father.
  8. Ray joins Iris and her friends in their pizza rebel group. They decide to work together to get back at the Pizza Co. Iris wants to take something back from them (something stolen), and Ray wants to confront their father.
  9. A certain duo from Pizza Co is constantly going after them and trying to take them down (though they never really succeed).
  10. Ray and friends infiltrate the Pizza Co and fight their way to Ray’s father, where they confront him and discover why he has become so crazed with power - which turns out to be the thing Iris wants to take back.

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