Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Paul Contreras - Week 3 HW

Key Moments
  1. Prophets honor the hero with a spot on the council
  2. The hero rejects the prophet and the position
  3. The prophet, Celebrant, consoles the hero and tries to anguish his inner turmoil.
  4. The prophets meet, and decide that the hero's doubt has become a problem so they send him on a mission in hopes that it will subside
  5. The hero finds the artifact and feels an unwary about it.
  6. The prophets praise and idolize the artifact claiming it to lead them and the Covenant into the Great Journey.
  7. The artifact starts to affect the prophets by causing them to feel jealousy and anger on who actually deserves the artifact.The artifact breaks into 4 pieces releasing an evil onto the covenant.
  8. The ancient evil creates chaos onto the covenant, and slays the prophet Celebrant in front of the other prophets and the hero.
  9. The other prophets are frightened, taking the pieces of the artifact with them as they flee.
  10. The hero hunts down and finds the remaining pieces of the artifact stopping the evil.   

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