Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Timmy Be - Week 3 HW

Key Moments
  • (Flashback) Faust receives the power infusing plate while in jail
  • Faust breaks out of the execution site and escape the city
  • Captain of special forces encounters Faust for the first time during his escape from town 1
  • Faust tracks down the location of the mysterious man.
  • Faust encounters a man who also used the plate. The man is not friendly
  • Faust discovers the reason behind the reveal of his illegal activities prior to going to jail.
  • Confrontation with captain of special forces in town 3.( last encounter)
  • Confrontation with The Man behind the plates and the mysterious man
  • Faust attempts to reenter the main city after being branded a criminal
  • Point of no return, Faust choices between getting revenge on the one who sent him to jail, chases after the man behind the plates, accepts his fate and continues living as a monster, find a way to survive the effects the plate, attempt to change his image to be one of a hero.

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