Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Kindra Dantone - Week 1 HW

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Pizza Wars
Setting: ​This story takes place in a futuristic setting. Most of the universe is aware of other planets and species, and are interconnected with one another. Science and technology is advanced, with inventions and weapons that are quite literally out-of-the-world. The galaxy is vast, full of many planets and places to discover and explore.
Story:​ Pizza Wars is a sci-fi adventure about a small pizza joint in the galaxy that is slowly beginning to expand and grow due to its amazing pizza and service. However, competitors and other trouble makers are aware of this little joints potential and want to put a stop to this, and it’s up to the delivery team to protect the company, and most importantly - deliver pizza. Only the best of the best go on the delivery runs - Ray Belle, Iris, and RANDO are an extraordinary bunch of folks who are up to the challenge.
Ray Belle is a former bounty hunter who very suddenly and mistakenly becomes mixed up in the pizza delivery service as they are somehow chosen by the company for the job. They end up taking the job as the “delivery protector”. They aren’t the friendliest of the bunch, but they’re incredibly strong and talented with a sword and sniper rifle and will get the job done.
 Iris is an alien girl who has mysterious powers within her right eye - granting her the ability to create powerful shields and absorb attacks/energy. Although kind, sweet, and somewhat naive - she holds many secrets. She is very friendly and conversational towards everyone, and serves as the best “deliverer”. She is great with customers, so her job is to meet the customer and deliver their pizza.
Lastly, we have our little RANDO, a Robotic and Advanced N-Data Organizer, who guides the delivery team to where they need to go. RANDO takes care of the ship and technical issues, and works mostly as a computer for the group while also helping out on missions. As a sentient robot, RANDO shows emotions through the screen monitor on its head and movements, but can only communicate through “beeps” currently. RANDO was built from the ground up out of scraps from various locations. The team worked on fixing RANDO together, and brought it to life. RANDO is a caring and curious friend, and wants to experience what we call “life”.
Game Design: ​A lot of my inspiration comes from Fallout and 2064: Read Only Memories. I like the idea of this game being a role-playing game. Side quests are available, you can roam and explore different worlds, while also completing main missions. I like the idea of the player picking which character they would like to play as and experience the story from that character's’ perspective, like in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. Interacting with other characters is a key part of the story - and as the player makes choices in the game, these choices determine how others view you and what happens throughout the story. Battle-wise, I was thinking of Fire Emblem: Awakening, how you pick certain characters to go out and battle. Perhaps as you gain more and more people on your team as your company grows, you pick who would be best suited for each delivery. Some deliveries may go smoothly, but problems can and will arises - for example, being attacked by other pizza competitors trying to mess up you company/delivery. This would launch into a battle mode, where you use each character and their specialties to either fight off the enemy or somehow persuade them to back off. I like how in Undertale, there is the option to not harm others. I would like to see that in this game as well. Different items and weapons would be available to enhance battle/delivery runs.
Side thought: ​You play as RANDO only throughout the game. As a sort of “strategist”, you control delivery runs/orders for your team. You, RANDO, experience life and the other character's stories. You make choices through the game that will affect you, others around you, and the overall story.

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