Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Paul Contreras - Week 1 HW

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The Quarrel of the Prophets
My story is going to be taking elements from the grimm's fairy tale, The Moon, and placed in the Halo universe.  The Moon is a story of four brothers that stole an artifact out of a tall oak tree called “The Moon.” The artifact gleamed light when there was darkness, and when the four brothers brought it back to their lands the people rejoiced. The brothers died and claimed a piece of the artifact to the grave bringing darkness and chaos to the land. An angel from heaven heard of this and brought peace back and took back the artifact from the world below. I want to put the same artifact inside the Halo universe and replace the four brothers with four highly appointed prophets of the covenant. The prophets take the artifact back to their station, Conservative Penitence, and announce their sermon, to those who follow, claiming that the artifact is a gift from the gods anointing all those who are within its light. But, as the four prophet keep a hold of the artifact, jealousy and greed take over, and arguments arise between each other about who is the rightful owner of the artifact. The prophets split the artifact into four pieces, and within doing so release an enemy upon themselves and the Covenant. 
As enemies are released upon the covenant and the four greedy prophets, a single sangheili warrior is left to find and recover the four separate artifacts. The Sangheili warrior is a Zealot Elite, commonly tasked to most dangerous missions and protecting the prophets. The prophets scattered themselves, with a piece of the artifact,  in fear as the enemies were released. The pieces of the artifacts changed the prophets and turned them against our sangheili warrior. Knowing that its too late to save the prophets, the warrior must defeat them one by one. As he collects each piece of the artifact, a  piece of the light powers the warrior but angers the enemies as he continues onward.

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