Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Timmy Be - Week 1 HW

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Game Pitch (Faust)
A well known doctor and scientist Faust is sentenced guilty for the crime of inhumane science involving human experimentation. However prior to the execution, Faust was given plate by an unknown man that when placed against skin would embed itself onto the person granting him powers beyond science but more importantly, the ability to escape from the execution. In exchange however, the plate can’t be removed and has a notable side effects of an extreme shortened lifespan of the user. Now not only a fugitive, but also with a limited lifespan, Faust must wisely spend his remaining time wandering from town to town. Will he use his intellect and newfound powers for good or perhaps take revenge on those who forced him onto this life?
Gameplay: Pillar - The game draws inspiration various open world games including Infamous, Borderlands and Deus Ex. A key feature is limited time. The game takes place in a not too distant future in various open cities each with sidequests and people with their own problems. However, due to being a fugitive, the player can only do a limited amount of quests before enforcement catches up to them forcing the player to move to the next city. The rewards for the quests are tend to be split between categories that determine the overall end goal of the protagonist. Essentially, the player can use his rewards to enhance his own capabilities or improve the lives of others. Some rewards may not be a tangible item but instead information, perhaps leading to the the secret behind his execution, or the motivations of the unknown man. Overall, the choices of the player will dictate the ending and the goal of the protagonist. Eventually, time will run out and the protagonist will have to figure out how to spend his remaining life.
Gameplay - The player gameplay would be action orientated like in Infamous and Deus Ex. Ideally, the player would have various ways to proceed with situations, ie a brute force method or something with a bit more finesse. Upgrades would be split between enhancing the unknown powers of the plate or the science that the protagonist is familiar with. Alternatively, the upgrade can also be sacrificed for more plot related purposes. However, the stages should mostly be set up in a way so that it can be completed regardless of what upgrades the player may or may not have taken. Thus following the idea from Deus Ex, certain upgrades would open up new and alternative ways to complete the current objectives.

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