Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Tori Papsco - Week 1 HW

- more under cut -

Cowboys and dinosaurs

Lucas, a lower-class 18yr old from the UK gets a letter from his Sister in America to join her in Utah, with a tickets for boats and train rides. She became one of the sheriff for an outpost for a somewhat large town and has a better life waiting for him. The Grandmother he was staying with give him her savings and sends him off. He gets there eventually but finds out that the town was attacked a few months back, just shortly after the letter was mailed, and the outpost his father was at has now turned into a group of bandits. The town blamed the outpost for not stopping the attack. The townspeople attacked the outpost, with the outpost retaliating. With no other leads, he goes to the bandit outpost and is unsurprisingly thrown into the prison of the outpost, and learns that his sister was a traitor who left with a few others, abandoning the outpost. Lucas ends up breaking out of the cell, and as he is trying to escape he lets loose a dinosaur that was kept captive in the outpost. He befriends the dinosaur, and names him Propane due to finding him in a room labeled “Danger: Propane” and goes around the desert looking for his sister. He befriends Elizabeth along the way, a rider of a Quetzalcoatlus and the daughter of the man who caused the attack on the town. Her father was the leader of the outpost at the time and ended up getting killed in the attack. She ended up running away from town due to her father causing the destruction of the town he was protecting. They find Lucas’ sister, convince her and her small band of colleagues to go back to the outpost and take it back from the bandit leader. (The bandit leader was the one who was on lookout the night the attack on the town happened, so he wanted to become the leader by letting Elizabeth's dad die) They go back, beat the bandit leader, and make amends to the town and the outpost by outing the bandit leader.
In game Lucas wields a Pickaxe, as he's never really held a gun and has no plans to do so. The Pickaxe is used for combo attacks on the ground, and an extra attack option when riding on propane. (like using sword on horseback) Propane uses natural attacks such as claws, tail, and bites. Using these attacks in certain combinations creates combo moves similar to fighting games, but not as complicated such as the naruto fighting games or kingdom hearts. Item upgrades for Lucas will include Clothing for defence, pickaxes for attack, and shoes for speed. Item upgrades for Propane include his saddle for defence, and spats/feet protection for speed, and general strength for attack. In the overworld, different areas of the map are split by loading zones (twilight princess, ocarina of time, kingdom hearts) and throughout the world are digging spots for Propane, along with small caves or objects of interaction for extra money, items, etc. Various dinosaurs and enemies will roam the overworld
Propane is able to eat fallen enemies to refill hunger bar to restore health, and Lucas is able to eat prepared foods to restore his hunger bar, while medicines restore health immediately.

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