Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Timmy Be - Week 2 HW

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Hero's Journey

  1. Ordinary world - Faust was a renowned doctor and famous in making many advances in medical science. However, unknown to the public, he conducted many experiments regarding human mortality and with the blessing of the government, used living people including unwilling prisoners as test subjects.
  2. Call to adventure - Due to unforeseen circumstances, word spread of Faust’s underground activities. Thus the public labeled him as a monster and he was arrested for crimes against humanity.
  3. Refusal of the call? - In his cell, Faust contemplates on how he got into his situation. Being backed by the government, his activities were surely kept in secret. Settling on the idea that someone within the government wanted him dead, Faust sits and awaits for his execution as he is powerless to do anything.
  4. Meeting the mentor - While awaiting for his execution, a mysterious man appears in front of the jail cell. The man offers Faust the power to escape in the form of a mechanical disk. In exchange will inevitably kill Faust. Nonetheless, Faust accepts his offer. 
  5. Crossing the threshold - On his execution, the plate, now embedded on the Faust’s skin activates. A surge of power is released infusing Faust with unusual abilities. In that moment, Faust uses his newfound powers to escape. However, from then on Faust is a fugitive, forever on the run..
  6. Tests/allies/enemies - Faust travels from city to city, each time learning a little bit more about his peculiar situation while mastering new technology. On his run, the mysterious man appears before him several times yet his motives remain unknown. Any rest is cut short as the government is constantly behind him, in particular the captain of the special forces who is known to be a particularly tenacious woman. 
  7. Branching Paths - some may not happen and in the order as it goes
  8. Approach - Among one of the various people Faust encounters is a scientist who claims he can remove the plate on Faust. In exchange for removing the plate, Faust must aid the man in breaking into a government facility and steal some information regarding the local government.
  9. Ordeal/death/rebirth - Faust usage of the plate drains his lifespan. Somehow, he knew he was nearing the end of his life. Thus, he uses every opportunity he has to extend his life and if possible, avoid death completely. The various leads he did decide to follow on does pay out in the end. He figures out the secrets of the plate and dodges death.
  10. Reward - seizing the sword Despite reaching the limit of the plate, Faust’s successfully uses his wits with the information he gained through his travels to modify the plate. Contrary to the mysterious man and his master, Faust survives and continue to reap the benefits of the plate. Even with the world chasing after him, nothing can stop Faust now.
  11. Road block - Upon returning to the city where everything began, Faust still remains to be a pariah and enemy of the city. Enforcement will without a doubt intercept him as soon as they are aware of his presence and the local citizens fear his existence
  12. Resurrection - Faust return to the city terrifies the local citizens. He is known to be a monster. His previous contribution and recognition completely destroyed.
  13. Return with the elixir - Faust successfully defeats the ones who placed him in his situation. However, even if he did survive, he will forever be known for his human experimentation. His crimes remain with him. Thus, Faust is forced to return to the underworld, known to be a monster, a myth and a legend.

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