Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tori Papsco - Week 2 HW

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Hero's Journey

THE ORDINARY WORLD- Lucas works as a newspaper boy, helping the younger kids get food and visits the Baker often for old bread to take to the rest of the orphaned street kids.

CALL TO ADVENTURE- Lucas gets a letter from his sister to join her in Utah.

REFUSAL TO CALL- Doesn't want to leave the rest of the newspaper kids by themselves

MEETING WITH THE MENTOR- The Baker assured him that after being taught how to survive in the streets by him, they'll be fine.

CROSSING THE THRESHOLD- After getting to Utah, Innkeeper in town gives him the low-down about what has been happening in town; the town and the outpost are not seeing eye to eye. Meets Elizabeth to take him to the outpost on her Quetzalcoatlus

TESTS, ALLIES AND ENEMIES- Goes to bandit outpost to find his sister as it was the last place that she was seen. He escapes the outpost with Propane, his Utahraptor companion for the rest of the journey, and goes to find more whereabouts of his sister. Bonds with Propane after exploring, fighting enemies, and Meets up with Elizabeth again to help him navigate the area.

APPROACH- Finds his sister and her small group of deserters fighting the bandits since she still wants to protect the town, but won't go back as both the town and outpost hate her.

THE ORDEAL- Fights some dinosaurs?? (fights something that lucas is afraid of, like not being able to return to england?) Maybe Propane turns on him for some reason and has to confront the idea of dying before finishing the quest?

THE REWARD-  he lives though the previous experience but either is worried about more bandits or maybe that propane will turn on him again later?

THE ROAD BACK- Lucas gets chased by bandits riding on dinosaurs, the final showdown with the bad guy. (Propane proves he can be trusted again by protecting Lucas?)

THE RESURRECTION- Sister dies during chase, passess on dudy of the outpost to Lucas, takes the lead and defeats the bandits and the bad guy.

RETURN WITH ELIXIR- Player decides whether to go back to England or stay in Utah as head of the outpost.

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